Our Learn To Dance Program is meant for the dancer that wants to learn to dance, but doesn’t want to commit to a full year of classes. This program is a great way for students to learn the basics of dance while having fun! These classes are also a good opportunity for students to try different styles of dance they may be interested in taking the following year. This Learn To Dance Program is offered in 8 week and 12 week sessions depending on the time of year!

Classes offered include: Acro Dance, Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, Aerial Hoop & Silks, Preschool, Combo Classes & More!

What to Expect:
•Take one class, or as many as you choose

•No Performance

•No Costume Fees

•Tonnes of Learning and Lots of Fun!

Not sure what to take? Enroll for a trial class to find out if the style you have chosen is suitable for you or your child.




Our Tiny Tots classes are for ages 2-3 and focus on the basics of dance and incorporate the ADTA Kinder Acro Syllabus. The kids work on basic motor skills associated with dance, learn little acro tricks, as well as sing and dance to their favorite nursery rhymes.

This class is super fun and will leave them asking when they can come back to dance again!

We offer fun themed classes such as Wiggles & Giggles, Dancing Dinosaurs & Tiny Tutus


AcroDance is a style of Acrobatics used specifically for dancers. It is a genre of dance which seamlessly fuses elements of lyrical gymnastics tricks, balancing, tumbling, and jazz. Students learn Acrobatic tricks such as handstands, cartwheels, chest stands, elbow stands, walkovers, side and front aerials and tumbling lines.

When students are learning new tricks, the instructor utilizes professional spotting techniques; which is necessary to ensure safety and build confidence. We follow the ADTA Acro Syllabus in all of our acro classes!


Aerial Hoop classes will introduce you to a wonderful world of aerial dancing where you will learn to express yourself in innovative and unique ways using the hoop (lyra) suspended in the air.

Our Aerial Hoop programs focus on building strength, skill development, as well as artistry and flow, ensuring participants not only learn beautiful skills, but also get to experience what it feels like to aerial dance on the hoop.


Aerial silks is a type of performance in which one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from a fabric.

The fabric may be hung as two pieces, or a single piece, folded to make a loop, classified as hammock silks. They use the fabric to wrap, suspend, drop, swing, and spiral their bodies into and out of various positions.


Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. Two major variations on tap dance exist: rhythm (jazz) tap and Broadway tap.

Broadway tap focuses on dance; it is widely performed in musical theater. Rhythm tap focuses on musicality and practitioners consider themselves to be a part of the jazz tradition.

The sound is made by shoes that have a metal “tap” on the heel and toe. There are different brands of shoes which sometimes differ in the way they sound.


Jazz has become one of the most popular dance styles in recent years, mainly due to its popularity on television shows, movies, music videos, and commercials.

People enjoy watching jazz dancers, as the dancing is fun and energetic. Jazz dancing is a form of dance that showcases a dancer’s individual style and originality.

Every jazz dancer interprets and executes moves and steps in their own way. This type of dancing is energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns.


A classical dance form demanding grace and precision and employing formalized steps and gestures set in intricate, flowing patterns to create expression through movement.


Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture.

It includes a wide range of styles primarily breaking, locking, and popping which were created in the 1970s and made popular by dance crews in the United States.


“We love our dance family! Owner Michelle is very kind and accommodating, the teachers are friendly and knowledgeable, and the other students are fun and supportive. Highly recommend The Kore Dance Project!”

Stephanie M

“My daughter is going on her second year at The Kore and LOVES everything about it! The teachers are fantastic (talented AND kind, not something you find everywhere) As a parent I love it as well; the parents, teachers, and kids are all easy to get along with, very welcoming and drama free, everyone is happy to be there, it’s such a great dance family! Besides being a great environment it was only my daughter’s first year dancing last year and she won numerous first place medals and trophies at competitions, the instruction they receive is top notch.”

Carly V.


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The Kore Dance Project is one of the leading dance institutions in Kelowna BC. Established in 2016, we exist to entertain, teach, and inspire people in our community through the power of unsurpassed dance classes, educated instructors, creative minds, and innovative lessons that make us the Okanagan’s premier dance and entertainment company.

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